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General Overview
About CPIPS 2022

The revised Patent Law of China will be officially implemented on June 1, 2021, and the drug patent linkage system (mechanism for early drug dispute resolution) and patent term compensation system of concern to the industry will likewise go into effect soon. In accordance with the implementation of the Patent Law, the NMPA and CNIPA drafted and issued the Measures for the Implementation of the Early Resolution Mechanism for Drug Patent Disputes (Interim) (Draft for Solicitation of Comments) on September 11, 2020; the Supreme People's Court issued the Provisions on Several Issues Concerning the Application of Law in the Trial of Patent Civil Cases Involving Drug Marketing Review and Approval (Draft for Solicitation of Comments) on October 29, and the CNIPA issued the Measures for Administrative Adjudication of Early Settlement Mechanism on Drug Patent Disputes (Draft for Solicitation of Comments) in February. At present, the final implementation measures, judicial interpretations and administrative adjudication measures are in the process of formulating/soliciting comments. Earlier this year, the new revisions to the patent review guidelines further modified and improved the review standards in the field of biomedicine such as supplementing experimental data, creative judgment, and antibody drug review. This fully reflects the current efficacious measures taken by China to promote pharmaceutical innovation, strengthen intellectual property protection, and promote the health of its citizens.

However, there are still many controversies in the industry about the mechanism for early resolution of drug patent disputes, patent term compensation, and modification and implementation of review guidelines, while both opportunities and challenges exist for different innovative bodies within China. In this context, the "Sixth China Pharma Intellectual Property Summit" organized by YIP Events & IP ForeFront will be held in Hilton Suzhou Yinshan Lake from September 21 to 23, 2022, with the theme of "New Kinetic Energy Stimulates New Vitality".
Get Insights to Address

• Anti-monopoly issues and legal enforcement of active pharmaceutical ingredients in China

• The dilemma of protection of the intellectual property rights of biomedical enterprises and administrative protection approaches

• Discussion on the scope of application of the punitive compensation system and determination of compensation amounts

• Revision of patent law and orientation of policy promoting the healthy development of the pharmaceutical industry in China (how details of patent law implementation will respond to appeals by innovative bodies)

• Challenges, opportunities, and countermeasures of domestic innovative, Fast Follow, and generic drug enterprises in China in the new environment

• Issues with and trends in patent licensing, confirmation and equivalence infringement of patents for a drug’s crystalline form

• Trials regarding supplementary experimental data: acceptance criteria, analysis of practical cases and trends (analysis of specific cases in practice)

• Issues regarding the judgment of creativity in the revised review guidelines

• Discussion of techniques for preparing and responding to claims for pharmaceutical invention patents in cases of revised guidelines for patent review or invalidation on appeal

• Transformation and response of generic drug enterprises in China in the new environment (patent challenges to first generic drug, patent avoidance, establishment of product R&D project)

• Implementation of and issues with the mechanism for early resolution of drug patent disputes (exclusive period, waiting period, procedural issues, etc.)

• Implementation of and issues with the drug patent term compensation system (patent type, calculation of compensation term, transitional clauses, etc.)

• Analysis of R&D trends and patent prospects at the frontier of medicine (ADC drugs, dual/polyclonal antibody drugs, PROTAC technology

• Protection of technical secrets, ownership of intellectual property rights, and risk prevention and control for biomedical enterprises

• Whole life cycle management and layout strategy for intellectual property rights of pharmaceutical enterprises that conduct business in Europe and the United States (patent portfolio management, patent term extension, novelty priority issues)

• Intellectual property rights, legal issues and precautions in licensing and cooperative development of pharmaceutical enterprises
Benefits of Attending

• Unique opportunity to raise your profile and showcase your expertise of your organization in Pharma IP area

• Enhancing and establish your partnerships with In-house counsel and industry peers globally to protect your patents and market exclusivity

• Catch up the global pharma IP landscape and trends to build your strategies to adapt it

• Exploring the opportunities of China’s pharmaceutical market and its impact on global innovation system

• Branding your IP services by in-depth conversation,speaking and exhibition booth in front of global pharma IP professionals throughout this three days pharma IP focused summit

• Getting Insights from leading in-house IP counsel, patent prosecutors and litigators, government officials and policy experts from around the world on latest and hottest pharma IP issues facing IP professions today

• Arranging meetings with participants during the conference (Pre-Conference workshops, Tea break, Cocktail parties and Lunches )by using CPIPS 2020 online networking system

What CPIPS 2020 Looked Like
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