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General Overview
About CPIPS 2020

In recent years, China has taken many powerful reform measures to strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights, create a protective environment for innovation in the pharmaceutical industry, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of generic drug companies, balance innovation, competition and prescription drug affordability. According to the signed phase one deal of China-US Economic and Trade agreement on January 15, 2020. Some patent provisions related to pharma intellectual property including patent linkage, patent term extension and post-filling supplemental data which are offering very positive signals to the industry peers and adding further confusion on how and when these provisions can be implemented in China through laws or regulations. No matter how the final implementation goes, it will have a profound impact on the integration of China's pharmaceutical market into the global innovation system.

As the second largest pharmaceutical industry in the world and China continue to widen the door for foreign drugmakers to get market access. Meanwhile, Domestic players are also stepping up their activities in overseas country. In this process, it is particularly important for foreign and domestics players to navigate the changing pharma IP and regulatory landscape in China and the rest of the word.

Against the backdrop, the 5th China Pharma IP Summit 2020 will once again bring together leading in-house IP counsel, patent prosecutors and litigators, government officials and policy experts from around the world who will share their insights on the latest IP strategies for thriving at a time when regulatory and IP landscape changes are significantly impacting your business models. We warmly welcome you and your colleagues to join this Largest Pharma IP Focued event in China.
Get Insights to Address

• The Development of U.S. China Trade Deal/Patent Law Amendment, Implementation Rules and Laws for Patent Linkage and Patent Term Extension

• Challenges and Opportunities Under China Ongoing Centralized Drug Procurement, New IP Landscape for Generics and Innovators

• Patent Examination Standards & Differences and Determination for Patent Infringement in China, EU and US

• Pharma IP System, Recent Developments and Key Decisions in Japan and South Korea

• US Pharma Patent Examination Practices, Biosimilars and Generics Going Out

• Strategy and Best Practice for International or Foreign Patent Filing

• Patenting Antibodies, Cell & Gene Therapies and Cutting Edge Technologies: Patentable Subject Matter, Special Requirements in Patent Application and Examination Proceedings.

• Medical Use Patent Developments: Comparison of Examination and Granting Rules in China, EU and US

• Patent Licensing: Considerations, Negotiation, Agreements Drafting and Pitfalls
Benefits of Attending

• Unique opportunity to raise your profile and showcase your expertise of your organization in Pharma IP area

• Enhancing and establish your partnerships with In-house counsel and industry peers globally to protect your patents and market exclusivity

• Catch up the global pharma IP landscape and trends to build your strategies to adapt it

• Exploring the opportunities of China’s pharmaceutical market and its impact on global innovation system

• Branding your IP services by in-depth conversation,speaking and exhibition booth in front of global pharma IP professionals throughout this three days pharma IP focused summit

• Getting Insights from leading in-house IP counsel, patent prosecutors and litigators, government officials and policy experts from around the world on latest and hottest pharma IP issues facing IP professions today

• Arranging meetings with participants during the conference (Pre-Conference workshops, Tea break, Cocktail parties and Lunches )by using CPIPS 2020 online networking system

What CPIPS 2019 Looked Like
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