Qingkui Zhang

Honorary Director

Pharma IP Right Research Committee of Chinese Pharmaceutical Association

Personal Profile

Mr. Zhang graduated from Tsinghua University with a master’s degree in 1981. Following that, he worked at China Patent Office (current CNIPA), where he successively held positions of the Examiner, Office Director and Deputy Director General of Chemical Examination Division; Deputy Director of The Patent Reexamination Board of the CNIPA; Director General of Chemical Invention Examination Division; Director General of Pharmaceutical and Biological Invention Examination Department; patent examination researcher; as well as first-level examiner, enjoying the special allowance of the State Council. He retired in June, 2013.

All through his career, Mr. Zhang has visited a number of intellectual property rights trial bodies, agencies and research institutions in different countries. With great efforts in intellectual property and patent studies, he has had more than 110 essays published on various journals and magazines both at home and abroad and was the editor-in-chief or editor of some 10 monographs. Apart from that, he has also chaired tens of state-level research projects, participated in fostering about 10 PhD and MA students in intellectual property studies and served as a member of their academic oral defense committee. For multiple times, he has delivered keynote speeches at various international academic conferences held both at home and abroad.

In addition, Mr. Zhang has held numerous positions at different organizations, including but not limited to Member of National Coordination Steering Committee on Research and Development of New Drugs, Member of National Expert Committee on Research and Development of New Drugs, Member of National Expert Adversary Committee on Bio-industry Development, Member of National Review Committee on Major Science and Technology Projects, Member of National Review Committee on Traditional Chinese Medicines Protection, Member of National Expert Committee on Administrative Protection of Pharmaceuticals, Member of National Expert Committee on Biological Species Resources Conservation, Deputy Director of the Senior Professional Title Jury under CNIPA, Deputy Director of the Academic Board (CNIPA), Director of the Professional Committee on Sustentative Examination (CNIPA), Executive Director of Chinese Pharmaceutical Association, Director of the Pharmaceutical Intellectual Property Right Research Committee of Chinese Pharmaceutical    

Association, Executive Director of China Intellectual Property Society (CIPS), Part-time Professor at China Intellectual Property Training Center, Visiting Research Fellow at Institute of Chinese Materia Medica China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, Postgraduate Research Supervisor at China Pharmaceutical University, Member of Editorial Boards of Chinese Journal of New Drugs, Chinese Pharmaceutical Journal, Progress in Pharmaceutical Sciences and Annual Report on Biotechnology Industry in China, etc., Judicial Appraiser at Beijing Zitu Intellectual Property Rights Judicial Appraisal Center, Adviser of China Chamber of Commerce for Import & Export of Medicines & Health Products, Part-time Professor at Intellectual Property Academy of Renmin University of China, and Visiting Professor at Kenneth Wang School of Law, Soochow University.