Shichao Jiang

Associate IP Director

Qilu Pharmaceutical

Personal Profile

Mr. Shichao Jiang received his M.S. degree in Organic Chemistry from Wuhan University. Immediately after that he was recruited into China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) and worked as a patent examiner for almost 10 years, during which he was promoted to section chief. Mr. Jiang joined Qilu Pharmaceutical in 2016. As the Associate Director of Intellectual Property Department, he is principally responsible for the resolution of domestic and foreign patent disputes. Mr. Jiang has a professional title of Research Associate, and boasts Patent Agent Qualification Certificate and Qualification Certificate of Translation Proficiency (English, Translator Level II).


Mr. Shichao Jiang has in-depth understanding of and unique insights into patent laws and examination practices in China, the United States, Europe, etc. Mr. Jiang is not only experienced in US ANDA litigation, patent invalidation and litigation in China, FTO, and due diligence, but also well versed in building strong and multi-dimensional patent portfolio, and developing proper patent strategies.